Welcome home

I am world class in writing cards and letters. I pour my soul into every letter I ever send. If you came across my site, you either know me, heard of me or are a curious explorer of our planet and/or internet. Either way, welcome. There will be letters here, thousands of letters, slowly filling up this empty space, emptying me of content I’m no longer able to contain within.

It took me what seems like light years to get here, to this page. Gazillion, trillion sextillion thoughts, even more doubts that I could count, insane amount of self sabotage, at least three mountain ranges of excuses, ten oceans of tears and a whole universe of short lived enthusiasm. But here I am and I am here to stay, if it’s the last thing I do.

Thank you for stopping by. Make yourself at home and have a read. This letter is for you. Any letter and every letter. You’re welcome.